Creating A Child-Friendly Bathroom


When designing a bathroom, the last thing you might think about is making it child-friendly. Sharp faucets and fixtures might look nice, but when bumped into can be dangerous. Wet surfaces are another caution to watch out for! Here are a few easy tips that will make your bathroom more child-friendly.



There are a few ideas on having support for your child. A very aesthetically pleasing way would have the bottom draw of a vanity as a step. You can pull this out and push back when not in use. Otherwise a small stool would help your child reach the vanity, bathtub or toilet!

Use round corners and edges

Rounded edges are child-friendly. Credit:

If you have small children, chances are that the cabinets could cause harm if they run into them! This can be dangerous so choose fixtures that aren’t sharp — round corners and edges are safer.

Non-slip mats

Credit: Skip Hop

If your shower is over your tub, look at getting a non-slip mat. Now your baby can splish splash around without the worry of them slipping around.

Give your walls a spruce up

Credit: Angie’s List

We know children love getting their hands dirty and walls can fall victim to messiness. If you don’t have your walls tiled, wainscotting can be a good alternative. If it gets dirty, you can easily wipe it clean.

Hooks, not rails

Credit: backporchco

By swapping out your towel rail to hooks, you don’t have to worry about your kid struggling to reach their towel or putting it back nicely. With a towel hook, it’s easier to reach their towel and it’ll make your bathroom look neater.

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