Awake your monster appetite this Halloween

Happy Halloween

Halloween is the best time to show your creativity wheater it is the custom or the food to be served in the party. With the party season knocking around, it is more fun to play with the food you serve. But it is difficult to keep the taste plus health in the whatever is served to the guests. The appetizing food which can bring out the hunger monsters within you is easy to spot as well. Here is a list of some yummy yet comforting bites which are easy to play around-

  1. Chicken Franks
Chicken Franks

These franks are the best company for your ‘easy going’ party. You can make it look like a monster’s giant finger. This will also add the Halloween effect in the party.

2) Anti Pasti Olives

Anti Pasti Olives

These cheesy delights will play the perfect eye-popping roles for your dishes. Or just keep them as a side snack. The olives sidekick with cheese which not just makes it tastier but also an awesome sidekick for your party.

3) Mutton Mince

Mutton Mince

Ideal for making burgers, cutlets and keema dishes, Mutton Mince can be played around in different ways as well. You can make spicy mutton keema to go in the main course. Or mince mutton cutlets for the appetizers. If not a mutton fan, try this with chicken mince.

4) Pork baby back ribs

Pork Baby Back Ribs

No party is complete without barbecue especially when winter has started giving its chills. To complete the perfect Halloween, pork baby back ribs are the delicious choice. These are very tender and lean and are the perfect barbecue meal. Marinate with a bit of barbecue sauce and put them on the grill. Give your party a barbecue twist.

5) Chicken Pepperoni

Chicken Pepperoni

Who doesn’t love the pinch of pepperoni in a get-together? Well if you are planning to be a host in this Halloween party then try infusing your dishes with a perfect chicken pepperoni toppings. This will help you in making a monster pizza at home. Give shape and size to it as you wish it to look like. Give it a try.


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Give wings to your creativity with these meals.

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