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Ale Segón
May 1 · 11 min read

Tips from pros

My first findings

“I’d rather make up and excuse to leave and never talk to him again than tell them I don’t like him”

“I once said my sister was in labour and I had to leave. As soon as I said it I remembered I just talked about my family and mentioned I was an only child”

What’s the real need

Affinity diagram based on the survey and interviews findings

“I spend half of my working hours talking with grannies. I can’t just avoid them, they are clients, but most of the times they just come because they’re bored”

-Alvaro, LaCaixa sales man.

User Persona and defining the problem

Problem statement. Stating the problem in a single sentence helps you to focus on the main objective during the process and don’t get lost while prototyping on side topics or broad solutions.
Personas are a deliverable which helps us summarise and communicate findings from user research, embodying those findings in a representative user which other stakeholders can empathise with as well. User personas should reflect user needs that will translate into product decisions.

Heroes definition

First flow diagram. Simplicity is key since this needs to ease the user’s experience.

Prototype, test, prototype, test, prototype, test…

First screens sketch. Define hero > Set up > Hero saves you

Final prototype

Quick reminder, the app has to be for both Android and iOS.

Example of the differences between an Android screen and an iOS screen.

Learning and next steps

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