What College Doesn’t Teach You, Life WILL: My Truth #1- Spirituality (Part 2)

In the past six months I have read more books, blog posts, magazine articles and news reports than I did in the entire four years I spent at my university. Okay, fine, that’s pushing it but I have definitely learned a whole bunch more! Reading has almost become addictive because of what the content does to and for my spirit.

I began with Bishop TD Jakes’ ‘Instinct’ and boy let me tell ya’, did it light a fire under my butt! Every ounce of my being craved more so I decided to engage in a 21-fast. I only watched t.v. on Saturday, ate whole foods and leans meats, spent money only on necessities and read at least three novels. Now, I ain’t read no three novels — Lord knows I barely finished one — but it was the about lessons I learned in doing all of these things.

After about two weeks, the crap I watched was like filling my spirit with empty calories — it was still hungry 😖. I felt off balance, annoyed and just not myself. I have to admit I’m still not weened off of my favorite “ratchet” shows, but God ain’t through with me yet (Thanks Steve Harvey!)

Spirit is, what I believe to be, the absolute number one truth to a happy, purposeful and fulfilling life. It is also the truth for a miserable, unfulfilled and purposeless life.

When you have a sound and aligned spirit, each truth examined hereafter will automatically align itself with the honest and authentic you. That doesn’t mean you can neglect your due diligence of doing your half of the work, but you can have that same sense of protection and guidance I experience each day.

Everything is going to be just fine!