What College Doesn’t Teach You, Life WILL: Spirituality (Part 1)

I have created a series of truths life teaches us that college really can’t. There’s not a class, minor or major that has the ability to expose us to living more than waking up each day and just endure. I do believe, however, college may not be for everyone but opportunities are. So, if you have the opportunity to at least experience collegiate life, do it just ‘cause and think of all the people who wish for your opportunity. I only claim to be an expert in my own experiences so take from it what is true for you. Now, let’s get to it!

Growing up, I didn’t have the best life outside of home. Some family members were abusive and some were just mean…for no stinking reason. In the midst of all my “turmoil” I always had a sense of protection and guidance which I call God. It was much deeper than my religious church’s teachings. It was more profound than my bed-time prayer I recited alongside my mommy each night (now I lay me down to sleep. I pray the Lord my soul to keep…). That’s not to say my religious practice and redundant prayers didn’t further connect me to God, but I always just knew He was with, around, inside and through me. The older and more mature I became, the more distractions tried to deter me from what I was being guided towards. Thankfully, my Guide was much more powerful than those deterrents.

It wasn’t until college that I was practically forced to address this feeling and sense of deep, internal stability and knowing which I call Spirit. I consider the collegiate experience our grace period between childhood and life. Maybe that’s why some people make a career of it…hmmmmm…go figure!

I truly believe if you have a sane spirit, everything else has to come together.

Wait, there’s mooore…

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