Results that show why a blogging platform is crucial for getting traffic to your offers

Have you always wondered why a blogging platform is crucial for getting traffic to your offers?

Here’s the thing: You can create the most fascinating blog posts in the world but if you don’t have eye balls on them, reading your value, your content and learning more about your offers, all you’re going to hear is crickets.

How do you do that? I’ll share that with you later on.

I am going to share with you today, personal results of mine that will prove just how powerful a blogging platform is and leave you wandering why you waited so long to get one:

The above image is my Google Analytics account.

This screen shot was taken today March 19th, with another 7 hours left in the day.

As you can see the statistics show:

2279 users

2443 page views

2290 sessions

91.05% new visitors

All in a single day that isn’t even over yet.

Here’s another example:

This my live feed on my blog.

You will notice the location, source and which blog post they viewed.

10 people from the US, Canada and Glasgow City viewed the same blog post.

These 10 people viewed my post within an 8 SECOND time frame.

Another example above:

Visitors from the US, UK, Canada, Sth Korea, Singapore and Tunisia arriving voluntarily from various sources across the net to different blog posts I have created. All within an hour and 40 mins.

Below is an email notification of a total of 12,197 views so far to just a handful of my trending blog posts.

All through a simple free syndication strategy.

That’s 12,197 eye balls on my content and it’s growing each day.

My blog has increased on the Alexa ranking by 132,506 globally and 2,286 in the US in the last 37 days.

Currently ranking 362,789 globally and 86,083 in the US.

Within 4 hours my new blog post was ranking on the first page of Google:

Below are a select few of my blog posts that show page views, likes and comments from a certain social media site from early 2015 until recently:

By now you will most definitely understand why a blogging platform is crucial to getting traffic to your offers.

I have traffic in the thousands coming to my blog, reading my content, value and offers on a daily basis, from all over the world whose problems I am solving and I don’t even need to be there when it happens.

Every piece of content I create on a daily basis is released into the world forever with the ability to reach people across the globe because of the power of the internet and the art of blogging.

My above results I’ve just shared with you are a living breathing example of true consistency.

My results are not typical or guaranteed and for you to personally create results similar to this, you must be willing to work on a consistent basis over time.

There are certain blogging strategies that I can share with you that will aid you in getting these types of results for your business.

In order to do that I am now inviting you to lock arms with our blogging community and get started with the biggest for profit blogging platform across the globe:


Originally published at on March 20, 2015.

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