Miami Blog #11-Virginia Key Beach Park

During my family reunion, I discovered Virginia Key Beach Park. This beach is not too far away from Miami Beach and it’s drop dead gorgeous.

Note. I’m still uploading video and pictures of my family reunion while exploring the area at the same time.


When we first went to the area, it was raining outside. Locals in the area mentioned to me that it rains all the time, and 10–15 minutes later it’s like it didn’t happen. Lol. Mom said the same thing. So I believe it now.

I still changed my shoes just in case.

The cool part about this? The Uber driver spoke to us in Spanish. Knowing Spanish in Miami helps. Will I be ok in English? Sure. But I know being down here I will definitely start picking up on the words.

When I arrived to this beach the first thing I noticed? The coconuts.

If you haven’t noticed already, I love coconuts. I collect them so I can give them to friends.

For our family feud, we were split into teams based on states.

AND GUESS WHAT THEY HAD A TRAIN RIDE FOR PEOPLE OF ALL AGES TO GET ON. Oh my goodness. I jumped on the last train ride.

It was really cool because we saw some great sights of the beach. And iguanas run around like squirrels in Indiana.

I tried to get my mom to come over and wave to me but she didn’t. Boooooo. If this was a roller coaster, she along with my friends would be making fun of me.

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