Miami Blog #15-Miami Water

I did not jump in I promise.

Just a little insight: I’m from Indiana, and exploring all this is amazing. The best part about living down here? There’s always something new to explore. Just when I fall in love with one part, there’s tons more that I haven’t explored yet.

The best way I can put it is take about 20 downtown Indianapolises and spreading them out. Miami has a lot of little islands as well.

And the buildings are super tall. So in Indianapolis we have this Salesforce Tower right? Imagine stacking a few of those on top of each other and just spreading it completely out.

I was coming home from South Beach and really saw how big the skyline was. It was night so I don’t think my camera could have caught it (I wish I could have taken a picture of it). It was like looking at one side and seeing buildings and another side of your eye was seeing buildings as the car was moving so fast.

The Uber driver that night was telling me about all the places I should go (and honestly I forgot about 3/4 of what he said. My bad dude.

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