I’ll always Feel the Bern but it’s time to stand with her
Kimberly Harrington

Oh, liberals.

I cannot wait for Hillary Clinton’s administration to begin betraying you folks again and again, if only to witness with increasing amusement the various ways you will contort your bodies to bend over backwards and apologize for Margaret Thatch — — I mean, President Clinton (the other one. We’re a democracy, I swear! *wink*).

I’ll be counting down the days until Hillary ups the ante in Syria and goes gung-ho on her no-fly zone plan. I wonder if you’ll write another fancy article and quote Rumsfeld again. Maybe you can quote Pinochet next time! Or maybe Churchill.

I’ll be anxiously waiting for your response when it turns out Hillary Clinton, who literally appointed one of the Clinton Foundation’s million-dollar-donors to a national security advisory board for which he had no qualifications, is going to finally pay the dividends on those Wall Street campaign contributions and stab the progressive movement in the back with a stunningly pro-Wall Street piece of “reform” legislation.

I’ll be twiddling my thumbs waiting for an ornate proclamation of your “outrage” once you find out that the Clinton administration will double down on the Obama administration’s deportation policies. Maybe then, if I’m lucky, Dolores Huerta might just make a public apology for her endorsement of Hillary — that is, if they don’t shove another fat wad of bills in her pocket beforehand.

But I know it won’t happen —liberalism just doesn’t work that way. When Trump first became a phenomenon back in 2015, I remarked to my friends that what outraged me even more than Trump was that only now, in the wee hours preceding an election, it seemed that all of Facebook was alive with the condemnation of racism, sexism, and whatnot — even among people who usually remained silent on such issues. One of my favorite examples remains, to this day, Hillary supporters who I can recall denouncing the Black Lives Matter movement as “violent and overhyped” (“why did they have to burn down a CVS though? Peaceful protest is imperative!”) one day and then waxing eloquent the next on social media about how much we should listen to voices of color, not lecture, and stand firm as allies in the fight against oppression.

Milquetoast liberals never learn, unless the pain is deep enough to break through their cognitive dissonance. I would know — I was one, at one point, voting for Obama, proudly championing him even as he began to flounder, compromise, renege, and betray, slowly becoming disillusioned, heartbroken, and finally enraged.

You think Bernie made me a socialist?


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