The Art of Dedication From The Perspective of Music Fans

Alessandra Guarneri
3 min readFeb 12, 2020

All photos captured and edited by Alessandra Guarneri

The way fans connect with their favorite artists and bands is nothing like it used to be over a decade ago.

With fans able to capture and share everything on their smartphone, concerts have often become a place of capturing memories instead of making them.

Fans will do almost anything to stand out and capture their idol’s attention. Sometimes a lucky supporter’s gift to a pop superstar will become that artist’s favorite prop on stage.

The rise and evolution of social media has allowed fans to share information, photos and videos of these experiences. Platforms such as Twitter and Instagram have even given fans access to the whereabouts of their favorite artists and celebrities.

A group of fans waiting outside of The Ritz Carlton in Boston
Shawn Mendes greeting fans outside of his hotel in Brooklyn, New York

In all types of weather, fans devote their time to waiting outside in order to meet their favorite celebrities or secure the perfect spot at a concert.

Fans waiting outside of the House of Blues in Boston — February 2020
Two Friends concert — House of Blues — Boston, MA

The fan-to-artist connection is continuing to adapt and evolve due to more advanced technology and new opportunities such as meet and greets and VIP upgrade packages.

Rex Orange County at the House of Blues in Boston