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Intuition is recognition of patterns of information we have stored in our memory.
In order to have reliable intuitions, we need to have the ability to build up this repository of information. We need to have the chance to learn.

“You’re an expert aren’t you?”

Let’s face it, as designers we often have to answer questions on what we are designing, and sometimes it is more complicated than others.

We know we should answer “It depends” but this could be perceived as a lack of skills/knowledge by who’s asking (client, stakeholder etc.) …

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I promise I’ll stop writing about usability testing, scouts honour!

Just one more.

In order to create valuable and useful products, we should test as early and often as possible. We test prototypes, semi-built and final versions of the product, mainly adopting three kinds of usability testing (commonly referred to as “user testing” but as you are testing the usability of the product, not the users, it should be called “Usability Testing”).

In a nutshell, usability testing involves a one-to-one interaction and the ability to observe what the user does. The main types are:

In lab moderated testing

This means there is a facilitator with the user who interacts with the participant, which is probably the best way to conduct a session of testing.Participants are recruited using deep screening to make sure they fit the profile of the intended user. …

Part 1

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Usability tests are a strange kind of beast. Everybody wants to do them (in principle) but, when the planning starts, there is always a good reason not to.

It’s a little bit like a medical check-up. Everybody claims they’re important but you never get around to having one (and what if they discover that I have something? I know I’m healthy!)

Why test?

There are a lot of reasons why testing is incredibly useful. The main one is that it allows the company to save a great amount of money in development costs (especially if testing starts with prototypes) because it’s less likely that we’ll build the wrong solution or that we spend a lot of time developing something right but difficult to use. …


Alessandro Molinaro

UX specialist and Interaction designer currently @Codeweavers_Ltd, passionate about strategy, research on “Why and How people do What” + a lot of other stuff.

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