More on dislodgment and ego

When your heart is in a pure state of calm, everything emanating from you is well meant. Your intentions are correct. It is also pure divine knowledge that will flow out of you whether verbally, written, psychically or all. It is clarity beyond comprehension.

The issue occurs when you begin in such a manner and then become dislodged by negativity and ego. In an instant this can turn a well meant point into a perceived negative point. The more you give in to this negativity/ego the more you feed the perception of negativity. One must shake oneself out of this stupor. Beginning in the mind.

There are various methods.

  1. Contact your master or higher guides for guidance.
  2. Create an emerald cocoon shield around you with a violet shield above this.
  3. Walk.

There are other methods too. As always the universe has many answers to the same challenge.

Love and light.


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