The importance of aphrodisiacs on creativity

Of all the wonderful herbs around the Ginger family has the greatest aphrodisiac effect and thus creativity jumps.

Within the ginger family lives cardamom.

Cardamoms are native to India. It is believed that these herbs first came to the West via Alexander the Great.

Cardomoms increase sex drive. In other words they target the basic chakra at the root of our spine.

This is where all our Golden energy moves up from. And links to our upper bodies. It is the seat of Kundalini.

Cardamoms create an internal energy surge that seeks satisfaction. Indeed Marvin Gaye must have taken it regularly?!

What this does is create an appetite for creativity. If you can’t “satisfy” yourself in that way you seek it in another form.

So you seek a thrill. A new idea. A new project. A new perspective and solution.

Cardamom is the herb when your feeling stuck. It lifts you on the spot.

Mixing Nutmeg in the same tea mixture as cardamom is advisable. Nutmeg has since ancient times been revered as a good luck herb.

Basically you find the idea and make it a success.

Please use small quantities. A 1/2 to 1/3 tea spoon of each in a cup of tea is more than enough.



p.s. perform!!!!!

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