CSS Designer of the Year : 10 reasons to celebrate

Alessandro Brunetti
Mar 20 · 2 min read

Octoplus Group is among the 10 best web agencies of 2018.

More awaited than the Oscar eve, was the announcement of the CSS Designer of the Year 2018 winners. The CSS Design Awards honors international web projects with excellence in Innovation, UX, UI, and Interaction Design.

We did not win the gold medal, but we got ranked among the top 10 web agencies in the world in 2018. Already a reason enough for celebrating, but we found more:


  1. Because the prize is awarded by an international jury composed of web designers, developers and creative agencies.
  2. Because we are the only Swiss agency that received this recognition.
  3. Because it is a result that values the work of 2018 with three “Website of the day” awards.
  4. Because it enhances our design culture, a result of the match between Swiss Quality and Italian design tradition.
  5. Because when we talk about User Experience, we talk about real experience.
  6. Because we love taking care of details, down to the last pixel.
  7. Because if details make the difference, interactions / micro-interactions make the brand experience memorable.
  8. Because putting a person in the center of each project, is the best way to find the center.
  9. Because it shows that great performance coincides with the client’s KPIs.
  10. Because not being first, means we still continue improving ourselves.
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