A public diary : focus and motivation.

Imperfect is perfect. — Mark Zuckerberg

I am writing here, publicly, because I have never done it before. Unconcerned about how many people are going to read this. It represent to me a challenge as well as an opportunity.

Start with why. — Simon Sinek

The main reason of this first article of a serie of others is to find out a moment (10–15–20 minutes per day) to stop from all the others activities/devices/worries and focus on my way and my direction. So why can’t I do it by myself, privately? Because I believe that sharing ideas and progress is a way to stay motivated and to “force” yourself to focus on your tasks.

Excellence is an attitude. — Ralph Marston

So here it is my plan: a diary. A diary composed by articles (weekly I guess) about my projects, activities and plans. A moment to focus on where I am and see myself “form outside”. Here there are some of the main topics I want to focus on:

  • Time management and routines: I am trying to develop a sustainable routine, from the morning to the evening
  • Learning: I am an Economics and Management student, here in Italy. This year will be hard as well as challenging regarding exams and projects. Developing effective learning routines and methods is fundamental to me.
  • Reading: I have so many books to read.. productivity, communication skills, marketing, finance, networking, time management, etc etc..
  • Investing in “Finding a Mentor”: Mastering a skill is very important and it should be done, in my opinion, in the best trade off of time-consuming, efficacy and efficiency. About this topic I want to focus on “finding a mentor” each time we want to master a skill. How to find him, costs and authority.
  • Exercise and diet: A very important aspect in my daily life is fitness, excercise and eat healthy. This year, with a mentor I am going to challenge my self.
  • Projects and future: I have so many ideas and projects in my mind that I need 48-hours a day to develop at least half of them.

This is just a preview and a first step for me.

0,0001 per cent

A small step for me but it is important for me to start somewhere.

Here we are!