We are “time investors”

I strongly believe that time is our most important asset.

We are investors, all of us.

As an asset we are the managers and investors of this asset. In fact we all have the same amount of time per day: 24 hours.

If we think of it, every single minute of our days as an asset to be managed and invested, we radically change our perspective on the way we live.

Going deeper, an investment as a stock can vary the value, increasing or decreasing. Well, let’s imagine that the time is our money and all the activities during the day (sleeping, eating, working, reading, studying, playing music, hanging out with friends, watching movies, .. etc etc..) are the companies in the market with they stocks.

Financially speaking, when you have money and you invest them in some stocks, you “exchange” money with part of the company and the stocks can vary their own value during time. Good investors can gain more money from they investment. There are many factors determining this but mainly the most controllable one is your decision on which stock to buy.

You can see your life working in the same way. You have 24 hours per day and every morning when you wake up you decide where to invest time or not, how much to invest here or there, etc etc..

For example after work you have every day 2 hours to be managed before evening. 2 hours, like 1000$ or 10.000$, need to be managed/invested. You can use 2 hours reading a book or 2 hours going to the gym, or even 2 hours playing video games.

The point is that, like investment, you have to be careful with the “stocks” (activities) you invest in.

You have to be aware of your 24hours/investment.

Every investment generates a return, and this is the most interesting part to understand this mind set: every investment has a return. This means that 1 hour invested in reading a book generates a specific return ( knowledge, skills, …), 1 hour invested going to the gym generates another specific return ( health, strength, fat-loss …) and so on.

This is a strong perspective, a strong mind set, we need to have every day.

Being aware of the time we use, the time we invest and the return we receive from each activity, each choice we make, means:

- being totally conscious in the present, in the moment.

- know the return we can get from each activity and so making better choices for our path, reaching our goals.

When we are facing an activity we should ask ourselves:

“Is this the best use of my time? Which is the return on this activity? Is this helping me to reach my goals?”

This perspective requires that you have a dream, a goals. Having clear in your mind, every day, which is your goal, it helps you to “invest” you time correctly.

I think that there are some activities that have an “high ROI” (return on investment) for example:

- reading books about soft skills,productivity, motivation, leadership, communication, learning, time management…etc

- networking with people with the same perspective talking about projects.

- workout

- …

There are other activities that we “have to” do during the day, for example in my case going to the university by bus (20 minutes). Well, this time can be managed in a better way: I have started to listen Audiobooks going to the classes or coming back. 40 minutes every day in which usually I do useless thing like using the phone or just doing nothing.

That’s it, every morning during my meditation I remember that: we are time investors.