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When I created this blog back in September my goal was to post at least once a month. It’s December now and you’re reading my second post, so I’m not exactly off to a great start. 🤔

Things have been busy on the Rust BPF front though! At the end of October I began working on a blog about the current state of things, exactly one year after I started getting involved. While doing that I finally started feeling inspired enough to try and add a BPF target to rustc, something that had been on my todo list for a…

I originally wrote an earlier version of this post at the end of March, when I was working on adding uprobes support to redbpf. I wanted to blog about the work I was doing and needed an application to instrument for the purpose of this post. At that time Zoom’s popularity was rising quickly, and I happened to read somewhere that it supported this creepy attention tracking feature that allowed meeting hosts to monitor if attendees were paying attention. …

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