If Trump is Impeached, it Might Be the End of America
Isaac Simpson

I applaud your attempt at making people think outside their bubble. You raise a lot of interesting points.
A few remarks.
1. There are many different stripes of Trump supporters, but even if unfortunately you can find the Alex Jones types, most wouldn’t want to rely on fringe media sources; they are just starved for independent reporting. They would love to listen to reasonable voices on their side. I guess you’ll concur.
2. r/The_Donald is mostly useless for its juvenile and self-referential nature etc., but r/politics is 100% biased against Trump, in a very vicious way. People are losing the ability to see things outside their bubble.
3. There are some extremely obvious emergencies in today’s world; to any sane person Trump’s position on eg. Islamic Terrorism or mass migrations is way more sound than the usual MSM pabulum (that sounds much more like the Titanic’s Orchestra). In other words, I understand your need not to distance yourself from the President to avoid your target audience writing you off, but it’s quite expected to see more people approving of the current trajectory of the nation than in other circumstances in the past. They are seeing the reality; it’s people viewing the world through the media that are looking at shadows.
4. As an outsider, lemme say this whole conspiracy theory about Russia sounds insane. People are noticing. They can’t gaslight them forever.
5. The cartogram in question was not created by Snopes, it was actually incorrectly used by Snopes, see my article http://blumudus.com/2016/diversity-fake-news-and-false-empathy/
6. “Most of the country, in reality, doesn’t want Trump to be president” isn’t accurate. Most of the voters chose another candidate, but most people in any country simply don’t know what they want. On one side you’ve got a slightly more than a quarter of the country, following a herd effect, voting like everyone they know in their neighborhood. On the other side you’ve got slightly less people. This is not substantial. Even more so if you consider that Clinton was chosen mostly by staunch Democrats (that weren’t choosing a candidate but kept voting as usual), while the rest were buying into a narrative; on the contrary, the vast majority of Trump voters are very committed to supporting him, DESPITE almost everyone around them screaming that he’s the next Hitler. A significant portion of them desiring him to be less prudent. This difference in level of involvement means that under normal circumstances a 2nd term would be a slam dunk, increasing in popularity over time.
7. “ that inauguration was so comparatively desolate” …this meme is actually incorrect, there were less people than 4 years ago, but not by much, considering the location and different habits of Republicans that you highlighted too, see http://blumudus.com/2017/on-trump-crowds-lies-look-what-i-found/
8. The impeachment of Trump wouldn’t cause a revolution, but a slow and painful rot. Your reasoning is actually correct up to the point where you imagine something epic happening; it would be dull and depressing instead. Very gradual, awful and irreversible.

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