The Conclusion

I am torn between liking and disliking the ending. On the one hand, the ending seems too conclusive and too idealistic for my tastes, though admittedly my tastes are very specific. I just think that a novel that is so realistic and modern should have a more satisfying conclusion. For me it seems artificial to have an ending that ties up every loose end so perfectly.

On the flip side the ending is so perfect because it seems to make up for all of the infidelities and mistakes that the various characters made throughout the novel. Walter and Patty make up and bury Lalitha’s memory together while Katz makes a separate peace with Walter through his Songs For Walter album. Its a fairytale ending that truly exposes and then patches over the character flaws and problems that each character has experienced. Walter and Patty rekindle the love that had driven them to be married in the first place while Richard renews the purpose in his life by restarting his musical career.

In conclusion, I lean towards saying the scene is pleasurable because of the satisfying happy ending. Though it is unrealistic in a book grounded in realism, it is effective and not totally out of place. It is really beautiful to watch the central couple of Patty and Walter overcome trials and tribulations to love each other and it is this happiness thag caps the book particularly well.

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