Woop Pay | Simplifying Cryptocurrency Payment Requests

Alessandro Maci
4 min readDec 12, 2022

Woop Pay is a web application that simplifies cryptocurrency payment requests.

What does Woop Pay do?

Have you ever tried requesting payment in cryptocurrency? If you have, you’ll know the struggle of sharing your wallet address, waiting to receive the exact amount you agreed, and praying that the payer doesn’t make a copy error with the address you shared. If you never have, let me tell you that the existing process could be more user-friendly.

When you request a payment, you want the flow to be seamless. There are simple payment methods in the web2 space, but what about web3? What about cryptocurrency payment requests? This is why we built Woop Pay: to make payments in web3 simple, fast and secure.

If you are exchanging goods or services, you can connect to https://www.wooppay.xyz/ and select the amount you want to receive in one of your favourite tokens. We currently support native tokens ETHER and MATIC, and popular ERC20 tokens such as DAI, USDC, TETHER, WETH, and WBTC. We also support multiple networks within the Ethereum ecosystem: Mainnet, Goerli, Arbitrum, Optimism, and Polygon.

After creating a payment request, the application will generate a link. This link can be copied and shared with the payer. The link also creates a QR code which can be scanned to initiate an immediate payment. The payer can then use the link to connect their wallet and execute the payment based on the requested amount, token, and network.

Why did we build it?

It’s well known that part of the resistance towards using cryptocurrency comes from poor user experience. I’ve experienced firsthand the anxiety that comes with using current web3 payment flows. After working on a project, I agreed with the client for payment in USDC. The only way to do that was by sharing my wallet address via Discord and waiting for him to execute the transaction. Although everything went well, I remember how fragile the whole process seemed to be. What if he mistypes the address and sends the amount to another account? What if he sends a different amount than what was agreed? What if he sends it to a network where I have no balance to later bridge or swap that amount?

If I wasn’t transferring cryptocurrency, I’d simply use a popular Dutch application called “Tikkie” (Tikkie allows you to select an amount to receive in EUR, share the link with the payer via Whatsapp, and wait for the payment to be done. Sounds familiar?). This is why we are building Woop Pay. We want to make payment requests as simple as possible and do our small part in onboarding the following billion people on web3.

There are other applications that allow you to solve the same problem. Wallets (e.g. Metamask, Rainbow etc.), for example, offer the functionality of receiving money by sharing a link with another person. Binance created Binance Pay, allowing you to easily transfer funds between Binance accounts.

So, what are the key differences?

  • Code transparency: You can go to https://github.com/alessandromaci/woop-pay and see how the application works. You’ll see that Woop Pay acts as an intermediary among other existing applications. We rely on IPFS to store the payment request details and return a unique cid that gets included in the woop link. We rely on WAGMI for the transaction and rainbow kit for the wallet connection.
  • Specialization: Woop Pay focuses on facilitating cryptocurrency payment requests. We are obsessed with enhancing this workflow for users, and our development efforts are solely focused on them.
  • Community: To succeed in the web3 space, you not only need users but also a community that cares about what you’re building. We’re working our way towards more community involvement and partnerships to make Woop Pay even better. Woop Pay aims to be a community-focused product where the community ends up owning and maintaining the product itself.

What are the next steps? How can you get involved?

We’re part of Developer DAO, and we all share the same vision of simplifying cryptocurrency payment requests. This was our first milestone in the Woop Pay journey: building a production version ready to be battle-tested. We’d love for you to go to https://www.wooppay.xyz and let us know what you think. What excites you or not about Woop Pay? What would you like to change and why? You can send your feedback to alessandro@wooppay.xyz

We have a lot of ideas for the future of Woop Pay. Our mission is to simplify cryptocurrency payment requests through an open-source product owned by the Woop Pay community. If this sounds exciting, then come and join us. There’s many ways you can get involved to the development of Woop Pay:

  • Use the product at https://www.wooppay.xyz and send your feedback to alessandro@wooppay.xyz
  • Spread the word that we are on a mission to improve cryptocurrency payment requests by sharing this blog post on Twitter.
  • Would you like to help build Woop Pay? Reach out via email (alessandro@wooppay.xyz) or Twitter (https://twitter.com/alerex_eth) so that we can discuss how you can best contribute.



Alessandro Maci

Technical Product Manager with a background as a Blockchain Developer. Also, early stage Researcher (scaling technologies, interoperability, web3 social media)