How to Trade your BNT on MyEtherWallet (v1.3)
Asaf Shachaf

I’m trying to convert 3 eth to bnt.

I have followed the first step and on etherscan there is the transaction from my wallet to 0xD76b5c2A23ef78368d8E34288B5b65D616B746aE for 3 ether

I think that is correct.

Now I follow the steps 2–3–4

I put the “contract address” 0xD76b5c2A23ef78368d8E34288B5b65D616B746aE and the contract in json.

After I select Approve
in _sender I put 0xCA83bD8c4C7B1c0409B25FbD7e70B1ef57629fF4

in _value I insert 3 followed by eighteen zeros

I push on Write

MTW now ask me for amount to send and Gas limit, I’ve tried with “0” and “30000”

The transaction goes in error.

I am a newbie, please help me!

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