I think Daniel’s reaction is very common so I’ll respond.
Andrew Patricio

I’m a Trump fan, but I’m Italian, so I think nobody should be angry with me :-)

I love this article. I was speaking about this topic with my girlfriend. I absolutely think that the rational/irrational dilemma is useless.

We should focus on the experiences that bring us to a certain decision.

We should analyze why we support a certain team, a certain food or a certain politic party. The more deep we go and the more accurate pattern we should find that bring us to take decisions.

What I found myself is that I like being/supporting the underdog. I’m a Parma supporter (small Italian football team), I love particular food and I always supported small political parties.

It’s just a pattern I found. Not all my decisions are based on that, but a solid 80%.

Have a nice day.