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La Scuola Open Source

Educational Institute, Centre for Research and Consultancy — in Art and Technology — for Industry, Trade and Handicraft (digital or not).

We’re a community of digital artisans, makers, artists, designers, programmers, pirates, dreamers and innovators. We act together, testing new research, teaching, mentoring and co-living practices and models. We are involved with: research for public and private interest; teaching for learners, freelancers and managers of all ages. We design social and technological innovation. We greet people, ideas and projects to share space, knowledge and values, generating an osmosis of skills and experiences, raising the value of every single actor involved in the process.

‘La Scuola Open Source’ is a place designated for social and technological innovation where teaching and research take place, as a follow-up to the research and co-planning experience of XYLAB (born thanks to ‘Laboratori dal Basso’, a program sponsored by Regione Puglia and EU); a Hackerspace, a place where people with the same interests in the fields of handicraft, technology, science, visual art, publishing, robotics, home automation, biology, electronics (and more) can meet up, socialize and/or cooperate; a Reuse Promotion Center, a collection point where obsolete technologies are smartly recycled; a FabLab which offers personalized services of digital manufacture, equipped with a series of prototyping tools (3D print, laser cutter, etc.).

We’ll apply XYLAB’s teaching methodology, in which participants work on research projects together with teachers and tutors, sharing their skills and knowledge, lowering production costs, stimulating self-production as a form of self-employment, and developing hybrid design capabilities as a result of cross-pollination between different professions — in order to improve the efficiency of existing production segments.

This generates new opportunities.

La Scuola will be, paraphrasing Gropius, a kind of “Educational Institute, Centre for Research and Consultancy in Art and Technology for Industry, Trade, and Handicrafts (digital or nondigital)”

The models we challenge, in terms of collective imagination, are the legendary Bauhaus and Roycroft Community.

We usually say: “educate to emancipate”.

Here you can find the complete project in Italian:

Here the Business Model (IT lang):

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