20 Things Men Can Do RTFN to Support Women
Helen Rosner

This is easily the most brain dead article I have ever come across, I don’t even know how I came here, every single point is just vacuous nonsense enhanced with buzzwords that only make sense to you and your fat, lazy, unattractive, androgynous-amoeba, marxist ilk.

“4. Support nontaxed menstrual products. Ask your workplace if tampons and pads are free. If they’re not, advocate for them to be free.” 
“Boss, we NEED free tampons” I have no words. 
“7. Whenever you are in a group composed of only men (whether it’s social, work, church, or whatever) ask yourself why there are no women present. Then ask out loud why. Force an honest answer.” 
Who the **** does that ? Do you hate having friends ? Because this is the easiest way to ensure you won’t have any friends. 
“9. Seek out women to be your heroes and mentors.” 
Why ? Isn’t it sexist to choose someone for their genitals ?

Those were just some of them, I could go in order and refute each and every point but doing so would probably cost me many brain cells and I already lost some just reading this vile assortment of nonfact, sexist remarks for the easily offended, over sensitive, dim witted, unintelligent, morally reprehensible sows.