Sex Appeal on Instagram: Fitness Model vs. Fitness Professional.

Each and every year, there are new #goals that society hopes to live up to, no matter how unattainable. Not long ago, it was as simple as a Juicy Couture sweatsuit, clashed with Uggs and a side ponytail. Through recent years, these goals have progressed and are guaranteed to burn a hole in your pocket. From lip injections, to eyelash extensions, we are currently living in the most everlasting fad there is: a plump caboose.

Okay, okay, who doesn’t want a little extra junk in their trunk? We’re all victims of wanting what we don’t have, but why is it so relevant today? There’s a simple and easy explanation to this: Instagram.

Whether we like it or not, we’re all victims of social media. Social media does not have to be evil, but for the most part, it is, even when we don’t realize it. Don’t get me wrong, social media is an excellent way to network and create a name for yourself, but social media is also the greatest enemy.

If you go to the popular page on Instagram, I guarantee that you will see at least five “fitness” photos in just a couple seconds of scrolling. Usually, these photos are of women posing in their undergarments with before and after revelations, or, lo and behold, a shot of a gym-goer arching her back to enhance her derriere, so far out that, if you look closely, you can actually see the sweat forming on her forehead from standing in such a unique position for a long period of time.

I sincerely admire fitness activists, who are truly revealing their personal journeys and workout regimes. The ones who let you know that working out will benefit you, but it will be hard, and it will take time. Not the people demonstrating 3-second-ab workouts, 2-week food restricting cleanses, or FitTea diets that are essentially laxatives.

While there are admirable fitness gurus on social media, there are then the fitness “models” who sexualize themselves to gain a high follower count. Sure, they still have bodies that they clearly worked incredibly hard for (or spent a lot of money on), but I don’t care to see their perfectly bubbled assets poking my eyes through my phone screen. I don’t care for the dietary tea or supplements they’re selling, I don’t care about the 10% off promotional codes for $110 sports bras, and I definitely don’t care to like their pictures, because that will only result in more income for them. If you want to look like these models quickly, you’ll buy the FitTea. If you truly want results, you’ll pay the personal trainer.

I don’t find it necessary to open instagram and feel like I’ve just violated someone’s personal space because they posted a topless photo revealing their sculpted abs, with only their hand covering their upper portion. It feels like a complete invasion of privacy. However, it is true that people can post what they want, and that’s fine, too. It’s important to realize the true meaning of fitness “models” versus actual fitness professionals. The difference is simple: sex sells.

Fitness models have a job and an appearance to maintain, all on Instagram. They work for Instagram, they thrust their lower halves out to gain followers, and most notably, these models have been caught using photoshop. So what, they edited their photos a bit, right? Wrong. Editing their bottoms to be perfectly round and five times bigger than normal will mislead followers, and thus, trapping them into purchasing their hundreds of dollars of workout merchandise and false weight loss/muscle building remedies.

Do what you will, but misleading your “loyal followers” to purchase and fall for quick fix regimes is unfair, and it won’t last forever. I’m sure I’m not the only one who is onto these fitness models. Peek through a couple of fitness models on Instagram — they are not hard to find. Take note when you find the difference between a fitness professional and a fitness model. What is the first thing that your eyes go to when looking at a fitness model’s photographs? Spoiler alert: it’s their unexplainably large bums.

Posting pictures in bikini bottoms that are a few sizes too small and clearly riding up the models hips leaving her with a very detrimental wedgie is sexy. Finding out that you actually have to workout for a long period of time all while eating right to look like these models? Not so sexy.

What is the first thing your eyes go to? Instagram: TammyHembrow
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