How a bunch of Techies is Disrupting Startup Conferences

We met through Twitter to organise a conference to help early-stage startups to hack their business to success. That’s how we’re going to do it.

Alessia Camera
Sep 2, 2015 · 2 min read

Most talks at conferences aren’t that useful. You get high-level advice like “listen to your customers,” “have a grand vision,” and “think big.” There’s nothing wrong with this advice, it’s just not all that useful when you’re starting out and have no idea how to make sales/get traffic to your website/find investment, and all the other parts of starting a startup.

I personally LOVE events, workshops and meeting new people, but how much do you remember after one day spent at a conference?
Personally speaking, it’s very hard.
Our Secret Sauce Conference will be different. That’s why:

  • Our speakers are cool. We want to make sure that all of the talks will be practical & actionable, given by awesome people who have been there & done it.
  • All about shortcuts & hacks. We want to give entrepreneurs the opportunity to learn stuff they can utilise to hack their way to success.
  • Avoid guess working. We want entrepreneurs networking with relevant people and find the attendants/partners/customers who can move their idea forward.
  • By the community from the community: our main income will be people learning, having fun and creating BUZZ!
  • Just join the afterparty. We know that tech parties aren’t boozy enough, let’s change that. It’s still networking, isn’t it?

Vincent Dignan had the idea after spending the last six months touring his own talk on growth hacking across Europe and the United States. We met through social media teaming up to change the approach startup conferences are organised. We’re all techies, with different backgrounds, eager to learn and willing to be part of something HUGE.

So, if you’re in London on the 23rd of September, why don’t you join us? You can apply for tickets here.

Alessia Camera

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Terribly honest, avid traveller, data obsessed. #StartupMarketing author, #ProductMarketing & #Growth consultant. #London based | More:

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