I made the jump, and I have no regrets.

5 no-bullshit things to consider if you’re looking to do the same.

I made it. I made the jump: after two years working at Sony PlayStation I joined Rentecarlo, the UK online marketplace to rent cars from owners living nearby.
And, after the first month I’m still alive, excited, happy and with no regrets.
I’ve read tones of articles about self-motivation, self-confidence but the brutal reality is that it’s not that easy, isn’t it?
Close your eyes, take a deep breath and jump. But remember:

  1. Create a network of amazing active people
    This is my most important point. I’ve been involved in a lot of projects I was following in my “free time”, collaborating and helping people. I think it’s one of the greatest thing I’ve done. People working in startups are really active and have a lot of ideas. If you’re working with a corporate you know that this to-do-approach is not as fast. And goal-oriented. Share their approach, be creative and think positive.
  2. Do it
    If you want to create a network you need to DO it. It’s hard and it doesn’t mean just going to a meetup and then spend the rest of the week drinking with your colleagues at your fav pub. :D

3. Get out your comfort zone
Learn, do, read, talk, collaborate as much as you can. If you’re working at a corporate, sometime you just need to wait for other people. Well, in a startup nobody will tell you what to do. Maybe it’s nice but you need to be used at it, and above all understand if you DO like it.

4. Have an entrepreneurial mindset
That’s something a “random-person” I met at a conference told me once. I think it’s really key, ‘cause when you’re joining a startup you’re not going to be ‘just-an-employee’. You’ll give your contribution in shaping the project, as if it would be yours. So, have new ideas, implement them, help someone’s elses with other tasks and so on.

5. What do you like doing?
If you like manipulating things from scratch go for it. It’s difficult though, ‘cause mixing flavour, eggs and water and prepare some amazing pasta’ it’s very different than choosing a display order for already-made-amazing products. Depends on what makes you happy.

Have you already taken the jump? I’m waiting for your feedback! ;-)