Pt.1 – living dead

I quickly speed walk down the street. I have to say, I’m more cautious then usual tonight. I know Jonny will be in town as well as me. he’s my co instructor though also my opponent in boxing. We’ve had a bad history you see.

What the hell is up with these street lights? This ain’t a horror movie.

I really shouldn’t even be thinking about horror movie right now. I’m already on edge. I guess any girl would be cautious walking alone at night. Though I have to say, I’m not usually. Boxing makes me more confident. And with the history I’ve had, the people I’ve had to deal with, boxing is defiantly not a bad idea.

“Hey ash..” A slimy voice whispers in my ear. I feel his hot breath hit my cold ear.

“Jonny.” I say trying to sound casual.

Great, of cause he Brought his stupid friends. Ryan and Michael glare at me from behind Jonny.

“What you doin’ out here so late a night? There are some ‘dangerous’ people out here ya know..”

“Yeah, I know, thanks.” I say giving him the up and down look.

“Say, I’d feel bad if I let you walk home on your own..” He says grinning evilly.

“Yeah, no I’m fine.” I shoot him an angry look.

I turn to continue walking, though I am stopped by Jonny taking a grip on my arm.. And tight!

“Oh come on, where friends right?” I just turn and stare at him for a few seconds then continue,

“Oh yeah such good friends. Friends help out friends. So where were you when I was getting concussion from Ethan?!”

“Hey Ethan is also my friend.” A smile grew on his face. “He’s getting out soon ya know..” I look at the flour.

“Yeah and what-”

“You scared?” I look at him surprised. “I know you are.”

I gulp. “Why would I be scared?” I feel sweat forming on my head.

“Cause he coming after you. And I’m not going to stop him. No one will. Cause everyone is scared of him.”

I breath heavily.

“Oh come on. He was my groups big man, why do you think I haven’t fucking come at you yet? I’ve been waiting for his signal. Then the whole gangs after you.” He stares at me smugly.

My breathing is so short and quick.

I turn away quickly and walk the rest of the way down the street. I can’t believe it. I’m the living dead right now. An absolute goner. What the fuck am I supposed to do now?

“ASHY!” My friends yell happily when I walk into the room. We’ve been friends since primary school. Early year two is when we became friends. Jennie runs up and gives me a hug. Cody stands up and puts his drink down. Maddison sits still in her wheel chair but smiling brightly, and Alex hands me a drink. These guys are like my second family. Though a less annoying one.

As hard as I try not to think about what’s will happen when Ethan gets out of prison. Will he really come after me? Or perhaps try first with Maddison again. Nah, he’s already put her in a wheel chair. She won’t be the first on the chopping board this time.

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