Nasty Predators

Something recently has been really bothering me. Besides Sydney’s growing housing prices there is another issue at hand that has rattled me. This isn’t new of course, we’ve seen it before; but now it hits home on an issue that is so deeply concerning to me.

I woke up last Friday morning to a distasteful headline and it read like this: “JAW KIDDING”, “Giant shark caught in attack zone off NSW coast but greenies want these killers protected”.

Sadly the article was published on the front page of The Daily Telegraph and was written by senior journalist Geoff Chambers.

Chambers insists that the shark was just one of hundreds of marine predators cruising the state’s North Coast chasing whales and massive balls of fish. Yes, Mr Chambers the sharks are in search of food, following it for their own survival. Following it up the state’s North Coast because over fishing has caused their food sources to become scarce.

The article highlights that the kill was a perfectly legal catch and here end lays my concern.

What I see here is hypocrisy in the news. Just last month, we were inundated with outrage over the murder of Cecil the Lion. People were disgusted with the organised hunting and killing of the lion that they started to question why the hunting of many animals is legal. The plight of sharks is no different to the hundreds of wild animals being slaughtered in the trophy trade.

Either way these creatures are being killed and it’s legal. These majestic, wild animals are being killed for the sake of human peace of mind. Now I understand and sympathise with shark victims and their families. Drowning victims far outnumber shark attack victims. Shall we ban swimming? Do we “kill” car drivers who kill pedestrians? Do we ban the use of automobiles?

Mr Chambers references an article published last Thursday by News Corps Laura Banks, “When sharks are eating people, its time to cull”. When I shared her recent article on Facebook I was overwhelmed with comments about Ms Banks’ point of view.

Banks writes, “even with all this evidence about sharks it seems the nastiest predators of humans, is the kind that sits behind the computer”.

Ms Banks is misinformed. There are only a handful of shark attack victims.

But can you count the number of sharks who have fallen innocently victim to the hands of cullers?

Together, Chambers and Banks’ lack of empathy and concern towards the future conservation of our wildlife environment has travelled me back to the dark ages.

I have posted their articles below, see for yourself. Read and weep.

Yours sincerely,

Obviously a greenie.

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