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NO.1 Which of the following services are included at no additional cost with the use of the AWS
platform? Choose 2 answers
A. Simple Storage Service
B. CloudFormation
C. Simple Workflow Service
D. Elastic Compute Cloud
E. Auto Scaling
F. Elastic Load Balancing
Answer: B,E

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NO.2 How can software determine the public and private IP addresses of the Amazon EC2 instance
that it is running on?
A. Query the appropriate Amazon CloudWatch metric.
B. Query the local instance userdata.
C. Query the local instance metadata.
D. Use ipconfig or ifconfig command.
Answer: C

AWS-Developer Test Answers AWS-Developer Questions and answers

NO.3 What is one key difference between an Amazon EBS-backed and an instance-store backed
A. Auto scaling requires using Amazon EBS-backed instances.
B. Virtual Private Cloud requires EBS backed instances
C. Amazon EBS-backed instances can be stopped and restarted
D. Instance-store backed instances can be stopped and restarted.
Answer: C

NO.4 What is the maximum number of S3 Buckets available per AWS account?
A. 100 per IAM user
B. 500 per account
C. there is no limit
D. 100 per region
E. 100 per account
Answer: D

AWS-Developer exam dumps

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