Food, yoga and being a tourist.

It starts with an egg.

Before the Pret protein pot there was the boiled egg with salty tasting!

I have visited Japan many times over the years so I sit here at 33,000ft certain and excited of the endless inspiring opportunities ahead of me when I touch down in Osaka. I’m primed and ready to soak it all up, licking my lips in anticipation of my first meal back in the country that turned me into a ‘foodie’ many years ago. It stole my heart and my flat stomach with it’s exquisite fast food, endless story like dining experiences and sensational presentation, so spectacular, even a casual meal knocks the socks off a British tasting menu.

To give a bit of context, the trip marks the ten year anniversary of my dad passing away in Kyoto on October 1st 2006, so it’s a little bit emotional but the trip is as a celebration of his life. A good friend text yesterday saying ‘you’ve had many sad trips to Japan, make this a happy one’ and do you know what, she’s right, and I will.

So, over the next ten days this blog will celebrate snippets of the beauty that lies in the far away islands of Japan, sharing my experience of food, yoga and tourism.

So, for the curious ones (and the ones that didn’t watch the recent Joanna Lumley series where she visits Japan!) I hope you learn something new and I hope you enjoy.

My step mums house, she’s an AirBnB host. Come visit!
The first meal made by Taeko — she runs a cooking school. On the menu: Traditional Japanese Soba Noodle Soup. Grated Carrot and Almond Salad. Vegetable Tempura.

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