First Week at The Iron Yard Done!!!

The first started off interesting, I definitely had problems at the beginning with git commands through terminal and making it work flawlessly. I learn way more in-depth concepts about HTML and CSS that I didn’t know before which allows me to make HTML sites that are pleasing to the eye and have a bit of animation in them.

As we got more into CSS we got pretty involved with flexbox and that was a bit complicated to understand, but reading the extra material that was in Newline that was put by the instructor help me understand it a bit more.

A great moment I had this past week was seeing the big picture in all my assignments, I could see and picture the layout of them and how they are in different segments and should look, as well as thinking up a rough draft to build it up from there.

<div class=”leftlinks”>
 <span class=”links”>
 <img class=”imglinks1" src=”file:///Users/Mainbrain/Documents/TIY/Assignment4/icon-comment.png”>
 Read Comments
 <span class=”links”>
 <img class=”imglinks2" src=”file:///Users/Mainbrain/Documents/TIY/Assignment4/icon-upload.png”>
 Read Later
 <span class=”links”>
 <img class=”imglinks3" src=”file:///Users/Mainbrain/Documents/TIY/Assignment4/icon-share.png”>
 Share This Post

The above is a code I used to create bottons on the Surf&Paddle website that, the div display block would use a whole line, and within a span that will each take up stave within the line, in the span tags are images that are the icons for the texts in the span. Inside some of those tag are classes, that are used to further detail the content in them either it may be changing the color, size background color and much more.

I almost got stuck in the last project when it came to hover animations over images and links, the hard part was making a segment change two things at once when hover over, when I googled it I learned that you have to further specify another subject inside the tag that is being hover, doing so will allow multiple objects that are being nested to change when hover over.

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