Looking back to the first days in LUNN

Why have i chosen this university?

I`ve been planning to study here since form 9. I knew that in would be a great experience to get education at LUNN… and i still have never regretted it. This place is wonderful so i get plenty of inspiration here every single day. There are so many creative and ambitious people! I`m looking forward to getting new impressions here and interesting classes as well.

The most fantastic things began when i took my first step to our classroom. The first thing i was impressed with was Ms. B`s cool speech. She`s so positive person!

During another 10 days at LUNN i was making new friends and exploring the real student`s life.

As i came from a little military settlement located in Nizhegorodsky region i decaded to try to live in a student dorm. It wasn`t as bad as i expected! Now i live with three cool and beautiful girls. We are used to cooking together everyday. I guess that`s great!

LUNN is famous for its wide variety of different activities. I would like to take part in some of them. To be exact, i filed an application for joining the Student Trade Union and LunTime. Hope, all will be well!

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