The Media Is Berating Trump For Being Insufficiently Aggressive — Why?
Michael Tracey

I half agree. While I still find the administration’s close ties to Russia worrying, along with the fact that he refuses to say a bad word about a brutal oligarch, I also think its highly unlikely that we’re going to get any real answers on this issue straight from the horse’s mouth, or horse’s ass in this case. He’s not going to come out and say something like “Yes, Putin has dirt on me biggly, so I wont say anything bad about him.” There are much better questions to ask him to his face (Where are you tax returns? Do you still have a stake in DAPL? What kind of projects do you intend to use the trillion dollars of infrastructure spending on? Not just the border wall I hope. How will you get the Republicans to go along with that much spending? How’s the secret ISIS plan going? Why wasn’t Saudi Arabia included in the travel ban? Are we winning yet? I dont feel like we’re winning. Can you give us any deatais on how you plan to replace the ACA?).

To be concise, just because something is a conspiracy theory doesn’t mean it isn’t true, but it’s also not the White House press corps’ job to hammer on it to the exclusion of other important issues.