Kayaking Through Life

Kayaking has been a part of my life for years and I highly suggest men my age try it out. Kayaking, for me, started when I was stationed in Virginia Beach, Virginia where I lived in a beach house with a few of my military buddies. Most evenings I would throw on my board shorts and drag my kayak up over the degrading sand dune and down to the waters edge. This was my way of relaxing and processing the day. Most men my age need a form of relaxation. This was also a way for me to connect with nature, something men my age like to do. During my times out on the water I got to encounter dolphins as well as a stingray that glided across the bottom of my kayak. Kayaking is a way to make everlasting memories. Another great thing about kayaking is versatility. Being back home in Ohio, kayaking is still very much apart of my life. Now a days I kayak in rivers. Overall kayaking is a relaxing way to be in touch with nature and can be done in numerous places. I highly encourage it to men my age.

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