Saving AR’s Formative Phase

Matthew Day Jackson x Anima / Video: Matthew Day Jackson
Cheesy magazine cover of “To Be Young and Online” from the 90s

We grew up on the internet.

And then there was Ultravisual.

Email I wrote to Neil gushing about Ultravisual
My gushy first email to Neil
Screenshot from Ultravisual’s iPhone app

That feeling wasn’t unique to the early web or UV.

AR astronaut by Michael Kagan x Anima
Michael Kagan x Anima / Photo: Michael Kagan

But AR is starting backwards.

AR ad by Burger King

There’s another way…

AR Boombox by Lyle Owerko x Anima
Lyle Owerko x Anima

We’re building Anima to be the engine and tools for creator-driven AR.



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