My (light)-Bulb moment

Simple, fast, affordable and environmentally responsible

In the past, you’d have been excused for not leaping at the thought of a new energy provider. A new Formula 1 team? Maybe. A new iPhone? Perhaps. A new episode of Love Island? Fine, yes. But a new energy provider? Unlikely. Unless you work in audit, and you polish screwdrivers for fun at the weekends.

My perception of energy changed, however, when I signed up to use Bulb. I heard about them for the first time through a friend who knew one of the Bulb team. After conducting some light initial research, I was sold on the idea of environmentally-friendly energy provision. But that initial clincher was really just the start of my magnificent Bulb journey.

Signing up took just a number of minutes — no hassle, no paperwork, and a fully online system. As soon as we’d done that, Bulb managed the entire process of transferring us from our previous provider (whose identity escapes me), and getting us set up. That took about 2 weeks (during which time we weren’t required to do anything at all), and from that moment on, we’ve been fully paid up members of Bulb. Since then, we’ve saved a stack of money on our bills, and any time we’re required to update our system (uploading readings etc.), the process is so simple that I’d wager even POTUS could manage.

So there it is: it’s cheap, environmentally-friendly, and unbelievably easy-to-use. And for those of you thinking “bit of a hassle to change though” — it really isn’t — 5 minutes of your time and the rest happens backstage.

Like most of my favourite young companies, Bulb just deliver a simple service, at a good price, and with a top-notch user experience. You’d be a fool not to have a look — it really is everything you’d want from an energy company (POTUS…) — cost-conscious, environmentally friendly and intelligent.