A look into the current state of business and video games

By Alexander Mannos

The gaming industry is larger than the music and movie industries combined, and continues to grow faster than both of them.

Video games compared to Films and Music over Time

The video game industry inspires some of the most impactful tech innovation today. From Virtual Reality, to the latest GPUs, gamers tend to be very tuned-in to the latest tech and hardware capabilities- either out of personal interest, or to gain a competitive edge. Gamers are some of the earliest adopters of new tech- but creating something new is only half the battle. …

Inspiration to begin pursuing Data Science

Motto of Hivery

Everyone is passionate about Data Science- most people simply don’t know it. From my own experience with Big Data, Modeling, Analytics, etc., Data Science can sometimes feel overwhelming; or at the very least, reserved only for those who are advanced mathematicians and programming prodigies. While this field may appear that way from the outside, in reality, it is not ubiquitously the case.

This is not to say that those who are mathematically inclined won’t have a predisposition for Data/modeling, but this inclination is not required to get started. …

Comparing country candidacy/marketability from the perspective of a tech company; analyzing time-states, logistics, local resources, etc..

So as to support my goal of entering the consulting industry, I determined that raising the tangibility of my analytics portfolio would be critical. This was decided through the consideration of both my genuine interest in big data/analytics and the decision-making power therein, as well as the examination of entry-level “Analyst” roles being ubiquitous across most consulting firms.

You have a bevy of Data Analytics expertise, but how can you display that?

Growing my portfolio would therefore benefit me in multiple ways. It would further develop a skillset that I am genuinely fascinated by, one that I am truly invested…

Alexander Mannos

Consulting — Data Science — Supply Chain

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