Written by Karina Dănilă

October, just a regular dark autumn evening. She’s on her way home from college. It seems as though there is no one else around, but this fact doesn’t bother her at all. She’s listening to the whirling leaves’ rustling dance caused by the gentle whisper of the wind. She arrives at the block she lives in and absentmindedly enters the elevator, automatically pressing a button. Except for the sound of the ascending machine, she’s enveloped in silence. A few seconds pass and she hears a soft dripping sound, but can’t put her finger on where it…

Written by Sorina-Cristina Șchiopu

Once upon a Halloween’s Eve, spirits had gathered for the annual spooky council. The sun had already gone into hiding, leaving both the human and the ghost realm in the shadows.

“Welcome, fellow phantasms and creatures of the shadow kingdom, we have gathered here today to -”

“To drop the formalities, indeed!”, a tiny phantom intervened. “We’ve been doing this for decades and none of us is that amnesiac, really. Let’s get this over with fast and listen to the annual story.”

His last words dried away like autumn leaves and he sat himself quietly back…

Written by Teodor Andrei Ramba

Music is everywhere! We listen to it in our headphones, hear it at radio stations or in elevators, dance on it in the club and the list could endlessly continue. Whether you are a teenager, a kid, an adult or an elder, you discover the beauty of music and feel as part of it. Regardless of its genre, music is a tremendous chunk of one’s everyday life and it is appreciated in many ways from different points of view.

As a teenager myself, I listen to a lot of hits not only in my free…

Written by Diana-Maria Stanciu

Although we, as a species, have come a long way, always creating and always improving our technology, the human race has been destroying the planet little by little.

Our survival depends on the Earth and by deteriorating the environment, we are a threat for the planet, as well as for ourselves. The industrial revolution has brought us a step further and changed our lives, but at the same time it has caused a lot of the biggest issues that we confront with everyday, such as the greenhouse effect. This was caused by the huge amount of…

Written by Sorina Șchiopu

It was the sound of rain that woke Eric up. But he was thankful. There was this bad dream that kept tearing at his internal peace and there hadn’t been any night in the past few weeks in which he had gotten any quality sleep.
So that dull sound of rain that he usually disliked… was for once like a gentle caress. He had wanted so badly to escape that neverending chase in his dreams, that loop of losing her to them over and over again.
Speaking of her… .

Panic suddenly taking over him, he…

Alexandru Cacovean

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