Problems with SCAM in Nigeria

You know, Nigeria has a big problem. This problem — scammers. Scammers operate in almost every sphere of society — of course, they can’t bypass the Internet. Large marketplaces in Nigeria attract scammers most of all, because there are real people with real money., unfortunately, is not exception. Some people try to use JiJi with their selfish illegal purposes.

What we do with scammers? wants their users be in safe. And if it is detected fraudsters on the site — they are removed forever.

Our uniqueness is in our method of fighting with scammers. We always try to give an opportunity to buy and sell only to honest, real people and help to do this more comfortable. So, we decided to show you, how our “fighting” works from technical point of view and “acquaint” with most known Internet scammers in Nigeria. You should know them by sight and beware.

In addition, we hope scammers will understand inadmissibility of their misconducts and stop their precarious activity.

How we find bad fraud on the JiJi?

Everybody of our users can complain on suspicious, scam ads. You should just push button “Something wrong?” and then choose the real reason of such action (for example, it is illegal; seller asked for prepayment; it is spam). has an important step of blocking ads — user’s verification. Only real people, who have already been registered on the site and approved their e-mail, may apply for the blocking advertisement.

If user gets 2 requests for ban — he automatically will be blocked by system

Remember, there are two types of complaining on users — serious (marked with red color) and not serious (marked with yellow color). If one persons picks up five not serious complaints — he or she will be also blocked.

Why we don’t ban user after first appeal?

Marketplace — is a place, where all people are competitors. So, we don’t trust first request for a block. Some people want to get rid of competitors on JiJi by such way — just pushing on red button at once.

That’s why, JiJi has serious approach and bans only real scammers. It’s special smart algorithm checks the veracity of complaints and if the complaint doesn’t pass on criteria — the system ceases to be taken into account and does not react.

At last

We want to thank you for everybody, who is not indifferent to this problem, and helps us to detect scammers on marketplace! We want you continue to adhere this philosophy. One blocked fraud — thousands people, who save their money. Take care of yourself and other honest Nigerian people. If you were faced with a fraud — inform, please, JiJi administration or submit a request to ban the site’s user.

All scammers will be excluded from JiJi! We instantly react to any information about them!

And remember: