1. The biggest way we turn polls around is if New Labour MPs stop fighting Labour and start…

I like some of your points Julia, but as Owen is trying to point out It does not look like anything is progressing thus far. Additionally, he has not stated a desire to see Corbyn gone

  1. To say they were in-front is over egging it a touch, but they were certainly not 14 pts behind.
  2. This to a certain extent is true but that does not mean you should be unclear as you develop policy, the leadership of the labour party should be organised. Labour pr and messaging has been off for over a decade but it is even more important to get it right now, past failures should not be an excuse for Corbyn. He is a target and he needs his responses ready. I can actually see some semblance of focus starting to form in the messaging, let us hope that if Corbyn continues as leader he will develop his team and strategies quickly and efficiently as befitting the leader of the opposition.

4. Sanders is an excellent communicator, had and used a massive advertising budget. Trump was in the news ALL the time and somehow it helped him win. Still, neither of them as yet has become president….

7. Winning over tory swing voters maybe a more nuanced affair than your response indicates. It probably has as much to do as convincing people you are a worthy leader, for your oratory qualities for you ‘toughness’ for your ‘leadership’. Owen’s suggestion is a perfect example of how you can use left wing policy to address the fears of people who might consider voting away from labour (funding for areas with high migrations). Winning over tory voters in a two party state is actually just convincing the wider electorate to vote for you, tribal torys, politically aware tories will never vote for labour.

It was the establishment that blair won over with privatisation and big business love ins not the electorate.

Additionally, labour may lose a lot of voters to Ukip, old labour voters who have concerns about Labour but don’t want to vote for the Tories, I think in context these people come broadly under the same question.

9. Agreed on this point but is incumbent on everyone to listen with an open mind to each other and as Owen points out realise that sometimes disagreements require compromise as everyone can sometimes be right.

Owen go get the job of head of communications, I fear Corbyn is surrounded by too many yes men. If he is to be leader he needs to learn to admit his mistakes and listen to constructive criticism, he needs a more organised team, incisive clarity. You Know. Its exactly what I thought at the time… please… go light a firework up his **** cause lets face it Owen Smith may lose a few less votes than Corbyn but he won’t win the election either. Corbyn has an x factor that can probably still be harnessed (however incredibly difficult it maybe) you may well be the person to do it.