Tom Watson MP is the Deputy Leader of the UK Labour Party
Alex Tiffin
Jul 11 · 3 min read

I have today, Thursday July 11th 2019, submitted an official complaint to the Labour Party about its Deputy Leader, Tom Watson MP.

Below is the full wording of my complaint which I submitted through Labour’s complaints form online as is required for ALL complaints.

It is unacceptable for the deputy leader, or anyone, to be allowed to lie about the General Secretary Jennie Formby after she took time off from her Cancer treatment to help facilitate his requests.

Mr Watson has engaged in a pattern of behaviour that is not only unbecoming of his position, but frankly immoral.

My Complaint in Full;

“To whom it may concern,

Tom Watson MP has engaged in a pattern of conduct in which he has bullied and intimidated the General Secretary, Jennie Formby.

Today, Thursday 11th July 2019, he has told several media outlets that Jennie Formby has refused to allow him to see Labour’s submission to the EHRC.

It has now emerged that Jennie took time off chemotherapy to update the shadow cabinet, and also offered to show Mr Watson the party's submission. He did not take up this offer. Now he is claiming to several media outlets that Jennie Formby refused him this opportunity

This is the tactics of a bully to engage in this conduct. Mr Watson is a prominent voice and his words are believed by many.

He is now engaging in attacking and lying about the general secretary who is undergoing cancer treatment. Is this acceptable?

In an everyday job, people who are off sick are meant to be protected until they return. Why not in this case?

In addition, he has today, July 11th 2019 promoted a separate whistleblower process which is in breach of GDPR regulations. (See his Twitter timeline).

As well as the bullying of Jennie Formby, he has undermined confidence in the party. He has attacked members online, tried to breach GDPR on numerous occasions, (see Labour Remain & his attempt at overseeing the antisemitism process.)

He is bringing the party into disrepute. It is damaging to the Labour movement. If a normal member acted in this manner, it would rightly be unacceptable.

Whilst it may be extreme to suspend Mr Watson, it shouldn't be off limits.

Given the ferociousness of the attacks on a cancer sufferer & his repeated undermining of the party, a full, fair and transparent investigation must take place.

This is fair on everyone including Mr Watson.

If nothing is done, what does it say about the complaints process if bullying and lying about someone who is not only the general secretary, but is also undergoing cancer treatment, is allowed to go unchallenged?

I will be publishing the wording of this complaint in full.

Kind Regards

Alexander Tiffin

Ross, Skye & Lochaber CLP”


I know I may not have covered everything people feel is relevant, but I am aware that others have also submitted a complaint.

This serves as an example and of proof that I have complained. Just because Tom Watson is deputy leader shouldn’t mean he is above the rules.

If you endorse this letter of complaint, please leave your Name and CLP or Union (if applicable) in the responses.

    Alex Tiffin

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    Freelance journalist covering politics with a specific interest in welfare, disability & world events. I present facts so you can make informed decisions.

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