Developers need option to submit “Metadata” only updates to App Store

This spring, Apple introduced App Analytics to iTunes Connect. Among other things, it allows app developers to track the conversion rates of their iTunes pages. Now we know if new screenshots are better than old ones, or if that new description resonates with more people than the previous one did.

This new data encourages developers to experiment with their app descriptions, icons, and screenshots more often, as we can now measure the effect these experiments have on our conversion rates. However, there is one major problem once you try to go down this path. You cannot change your screenshots, keywords, or app icon without submitting a new binary to Apple.

The only workaround is to submit the same binary with an incremented app version as a “new update”. Unfortunately, this will result in a flood of dummy app updates that don’t improve anything for the user. It doesn’t feel right to me, and I’m sure it doesn’t feel right to other developers either.

So Apple, please do the next logical step. Allow us to submit “Metadata” only updates. Updates which go through the same approval cycle, but don’t result in an app update on the user’s device.

Originally published at on August 5, 2015.

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