Creating appointment slots in your Google Calendar

You can now create appointment slots in your google calendar and allow other to see when you are free and reserve that meeting. This is useful when you need to meet with people outside your company or clients in order to avoid those type of calls:

“How about Monday at 15:00”
“No, can’t. Maybe Tuesday some time between 13:00 and 14:30”
“Not sure now, let’s talk tomorrow morning after I check my schedule”

  1. Create a new meeting a select “Appointment slots”

2. After entering the details of the time slots click on “Edit Details”

3. In the meeting details you will see the link you can send in order to share your available slots (in red below)


4. This is what it looks like when your link is opened.

Here is a video that explains that in detail:

Other notes:

  • Works for google apps for work or education.
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