Economy failures and its effects

This world is a place where you born to get recognition and to get a place for yourself. It is where you have to value yourself and earn name and pace. Some people succeed in achieving such valuable things and some has to do extra efforts to meet both ends.

To get a job is the best part of a person’s life, this is the chance given by luck and the reward of your hard work. If we broader our view then we can surely see that people are less fortunate because there is a lot of competition. Everyone is better than other and that’s how you live and deal life here. One has to drop from the queue as there’s no place left to adjust him.

At that time when there was no way to earn and live yourself in a respect full manner a time came when some random person suggested or gave idea to cartoon yourself, so you can amuse children, adults and they’ll give you money. Dress up like a cartoon character and act like them and by doing this you can have enough to raise your love ones.

So we can conclude that cartoons not even entertain their audience on TV but also be a reason of earning.

But is that really a way to value your own self?

If we look keenly then it is the failure of the system and the government who is not able to give facilities and opportunities to the masses to fulfill their basic needs.

Obviously no one sing on streets or amuse people by doing weird stuff or by making their selves cartoon happily. When one will not have opportunities and such circumstances in which they can show their real talents, he or she will definitely do such stuff.

It really don’t mean that dancing on streets or copying some specific characters is cheap, but if one has such talent then he must have to get to the right institute to polish their talent and to have some respect full place in society.

Psychologist says that cartooning your own self can be dangerous. Some people are in such heavy and dangerous complex that they don’t even own their face and presence that’s why they do some make over or cover their self with mask or something just to get rid of their own existence.

But if we remember that our parents made those funny faces we started laughing. It means that there’s no problem with doing such things but if these things become source of your earning on streets then it is an alarming situation.

People who are animators have respect full place in society but acting like that is good for sometime but not acceptable as a profession.

But at the end it is also crystal clear that no profession is cheap. Everything requires hard work and doing it as a part time job is good but die in this condition totally a loss of that person.

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