GNOME 3.28 is finally on Ubuntu 18.04 (pre-release!)

Feb 23, 2018 · 3 min read

γεια! aka. hello! This is from the kind of posts i quickly share on WOGUE+, but since im extra excited about, i will Medium it, and also i will use capitals! dah, capitals are useless, and require an extra keystroke, but i got some complains for it! Anyway!

So, Jeremy Bicha finally pushed GNOME Shell / Mutter 3.28 beta on GNOME3 Staging PPA

You can add it by

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:gnome3-team/gnome3-staging
sudo apt-get update (i think it auto-updates when you add PPAs)
sudo apt-get upgrade

That will go into Proposed and after on Universe, so if you already run an Ubuntu 18.04 box, you will get that update soon!

However keep on mind the Staging PPA, since Jeremy might add GNOME Files 3.28 there too!

For the story, Ubuntu Bionic will keep Files 3.26 because the 3.28 release removes the Desktop manager. However if you dont use icons on desktop, i strongly recommend to update on 3.28, and get the “Favorites” feature, that is pretty neat ..together with many bug fixes!

Another thing i had to add, was this NVIDIA PPA

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:graphics-drivers/ppa

That was because Bionic has 384 drivers that break current Mesa, while the above PPA provides 390 drivers. That might happened with some packages on Proposed thought!

Shell Animations Performance

My setup is i5–6500, 16RAM, SSD, NVIDIA 1060/6G with 390.25 drivers on Xorg 1.19.9 and Linux 4.15, and ofc Shell/Mutter 3.27.91

GNOME Search providers can make Shell even slower, so if you dont use them, just disable them!

Performance remains terrible (in comparison to other desktops!) and all animations more or less lag, which isn’t the case on Arch with at least 3.26 and this Mutter Workaround that everything is almost smooth, apart some rarely locks! The bad performance with NVIDIA is also something i can reproduce on a clean Fedora 27 installation i have, so dont consider that as Ubuntu specific issue.

It is basically upstream issue (a series of issues really! sorry, lazy to provide Gitlab links!), and Shell can lag a lot to some setups, although i have listened people saying that performance is fine. That i don’t actually trust them (sorry guys!), because in work we have Dell XPS with i7, and Shell lags there too in all our machines! I just think these people only use GNOME and Android, and have forgotten how no-lag feels :)

Point is that there might be some minor performance fixes on 3.28, but i cannot really see them in actual use!

The lag (at least the one i have) isn’t extremely annoying, it wont make you not using GNOME, and besides it only happens when entering on overview, which i guess you dont do every 2 secs! But if that frame skipping was on a game, it would make it un-playable! Luckily for us game developers are the best!


I’m posting this right after i updated! Next thing to do and i’m very excited about is to try NVIDIA on Wayland and see how things are there! So, i will come back with my experience, and whats new on GNOME Shell 3.28, although there are some things like the Hybrid Drivers support that i cannot test!

Arch Linux

You can also early test GNOME 3.28 beta on Arch Linux from [gnome-devel] community repository

Server = Server =
SigLevel = Never (coz lazy to add keys!)

I haven’t tried that, so no idea what issues you can find! When you add repositories on Arch, remember to add them on top of the list, otherwise you wont get the updates!

elementary OS

Another thing im exciting about, now that Ubuntu was fully updated on 3.28 is elementary OS, that i use lots on my Bionic! So i will try that too, and i will post how to install it, and some hints to solve issues when you have a multiple-desktop installations (eg Pantheon, GNOME)

Speaking of elementary, on Juno release they have updated to latest GNOME Stack, so it makes it possible to run it on Arch Linux without issues (in theory!)

oh, and almost all elementary specific apps are (or will be soon!) available on Flathub, so you wont miss those! SUPER COOL?