Apple to introduce next-level professional VR video tools in Final Cut Pro X and Motion 5

VR video version 0: Use plugins to ‘fool’ old applications into working with spherical video

Current professional video editing and motion graphics applications are not able to handle spherical video on their own. These tools were designed many years before the popularisation of VR and spherical video. They are architected to work with rectangles of video that play back on rectangular displays.

VR video version 1.0: Applications that understand spherical video

The next version of Final Cut Pro X will be the first professional editing tool that inherently understands spherical video. As well as flat video timelines, there are spherical video timelines. Clips are spherical or flat. They work correctly in either kind of timeline. Where flat clips have position parameters, spherical clips have orientation parameters.

New Final Cut means new Motion

The next version of Apple Motion 5 can animate in spherical video environments. Motion users will be able to animate 2D objects, text and particles in 3D space inside a sphere of video.

No more manipulation of equirectangular media

The main difference in these new tools is that the next versions of Final Cut Pro X and Motion 5 are working in real spheres of video. That means that although the way the sphere of video is imported and exported can change, the post production tools can remain the same.

Setting the stage for VR Video version 2.0

This update is much more than I expected.



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