The roar of the malicious flames grew louder and louder still. Sammy could do nothing but helplessly stand, watching, as his friend was trapped in the enormous building. The only comfort he had had disappeared; that maybe she could escape the interior of the building, and still make it out alive. The fire was only demolishing the exterior of the building more and more with each passing second. The real misfortune of it all, was that as he stood there with hot tears stinging at his eyes, threatening to spill over, he knew for a fact that nothing could be done to save her. The tears began to slow done his cheeks, blurring his vision completely, so he could only make out the blaring orange flames in the distance. If only those tears could put out a fire, then she would be saved. Not a single thing on this earth could distract him from the pain and the guilt that was raging in his fastly-beating heart. He couldn’t even get into contact with anyone who could help. What was happening before his tear-filled eyes was the most tragic and horribly extraordinary thing in the world that’s ever happened to him.