Cindicator expert plan insights

Hello there !
My name is Alexis (@alex6_C in Telegram), I am from Paris and welcome to my Cindicator Insight article (disclaimer — I am a CND token holder).

Well, I lied a little, I am not a whale. I am more like a little dolphin trying to find my way to survive in this bloody market and earn as much as I can to live in this new era of the blockchain.

Back in September 2017, I decided to invest a good amount of money in a new cryptocurrency called Cindicator. I did not know then that it was the beginning of a beautiful and long journey with the Cindicator team and CND community.

I have the Cindicator expert plan (> 700k CND required) since its release and I will try to tell you what is my strategy based on — information and risks management (my expertise).

Let’s start !

  • Learn your strengths and weaknesses

Trader = Technical Analysis — 30%; Emotions — 70%.

YES, worst enemy is the panic growing inside you when you see the price suddenly drop or pump in seconds. Did you define a limit? Do you know when you will buy or sell?

I learned it the bad way, being too greedy and wanting to become rich as fast as possible.


Even if you don’t want to be a professional trader, you will need to work on your emotions.

“The stock market is a device for transferring money from the impatient to the patient.” Warren Buffet

It is the same for the crypto market.

After some time, I understood I was not good doing swing trading (in fact, any kind of trading) but I could be very good building a network of information and taking my time to analyze projects.

So I decided to combine this strength with the Cindicator indicators.

• Price level indicators

Money making machine. Eldorado. Call it as you want, those indicators are awesome.

During the bull market in November, I managed to do up to 100% profits (e.g. QTUM signal) on many coins, just following the price level indicators.

My strategy was simple: for every price level indicator above 75 % probability that I got as a Cindicator expert, I tried to follow it.

Problem was that there were many price level indicators above my threshold and I didn’t have enough money in my portfolio to invest in all of them. I didn’t want to follow more than 20 cryptocurrencies at the same time, I didn’t have enough spare time to do that.

I preferred to focus on some positions and succeed rather than follow a lot of indicators and mess with everything.

Therefore, I began to choose which the price level indicators to follow — the most profitable (in terms of growth) or the highest in terms of probability.

For example, if there is an indicator with a 90% probability with a 7% price increase and an indicator with 80% probability and 25% price increase, I will choose the second one.

If the second indicator hits its target — it will be equivalent to more than 3 indicators similar to the first one.

Sometimes I use indicators like the first one — if I have a good amount of BTC of ETH waiting to be invested in an altcoin, I will minimize my risk by using high probability indicator.

Those are few signals I decided to follow. Credits to my friend @Royalasgard for the snapshot and TA :

• Support / Resistance indicators

How can this be profitable? First of all, if you are a margin trader, using these indicators with technical analysis can help you earn a lot of money. But I have a life, and I don’t want to have a heart attack on a short squeeze.

Sorry Bitmex, but another day !

So, instead of just not pay attention to these indicators, I still tried to think about how it could improve my Cindicator strategy. I found that it was a very good indicator to give me an overall vision of the crypto market.

If you are new to the crypto market, you need to learn for example that Bitcoin price fluctuation can impact the whole market. This is actually the case as I write these lines, Bitcoin crash from 20k$ ATH is driving all the market to the ground and it will be very difficult for the alts coins to pump right now if bitcoin doesn’t go in a bull trend definitely.

• ICO rankings

How to make a ton of money without using your brain? Pick the top 1 ICO from each Cindicator ICO ratings. Hold. Take profits. Repeat.

This product is still in beta and Cindicator team is working on improving it — in the beginning it was quite difficult to invest in the #1 of an ICO rating, presale or public sale were already over for them most of the time.

ICO rankings may not be the best indicators now — I doubt that you want to invest your crypto money that dropped perhaps 5 to 6 times in an ICO that will lock your tokens. I get that. But it’s worth to take a look at them even now.

Cindicator team is composed of analysts taking their time to carefully analyze many upcoming ICOs. Reminder: you can suggest a crypto you like to Cindicator team, they will review it and add it to the ICO ranking list if it complies with their criteria.This is just an example of how can the community work with the team.

Cindicator definitely helps me to find new interesting projects to look into — both ICO rankings indicators and questions about them in the app.

How can you use the ICO ranking indicators?

• Download the Cindicator app.

• Wait for the ICO ranking to pop up the Cindicator app.

• As soon as the ICO ranking appears, do your own research on each crypto listed to build your own opinion about given projects. It’s always good to have some information, never underestimate how important DYOR is.

Try to understand why Cindicator team had selected these projects.

• Make it to the whitelist of each project beforehand to be ready when the ICO ranking indicator will be delivered by Cindicator bot.

• If everything is good and you succeeded in step 4 then just wait for indicator and follow it (but don’t forget about DYOR). Be always careful with ICOs, still a lot of scam projects out there. Invest what you can afford to loose.

• HODL (remember, patience = money).

In a bear market, a lot of people forgot the hype that an ICO can create. But guess what, if the team is good, they will still follow their roadmap and deliver what they promised. So, when you see every guy leaving the ship, selling at loss, take that opportunity to be a future whale (or dolphin) and buy their tokens.

Soon, they will regret and you will enjoy a position that you took at a low price!

  • Etherscan

Etherscan allows you to explore and search the Ethereum blockchain for transactions, addresses, tokens, prices and other activities taking place on Ethereum (ETH)”

I know what could be interesting to you as a CND token holder — amount of people who is potentially using the bot. How can you find out? Analyze the token holders on the CND ERC-20 token.

CND page on etherscan now shows 15367 addresses, and you can look at each one, analyze who could be holding a beginner or expert plan etc.

Every bit of information can be useful. Because all this people could potentially use the indicators provided by the bot for their benefits.

I advise that sometimes you take a look at etherscan to check amount of CND token holders and token transfers.


Around 7 months passed since Token Sale. I often see community members complaining about the quality/profitability or Cindicator indicators.

Nothing is perfect, data science and ML, analytics, and many others fields need to be improved and they will be improved. I never expected Cindicator team to deliver a 90% accuracy rate in the first months; this is a unicorn dream.

For your information, I will recommend all of you to start learning and expand your knowledge.

Data is value, each day when new forecasters decide to be part of Cindicator ecosystem and participate, we move forward, this is the power of crowd intelligence.

Maybe, one day, we will get there and become unicorn itself.

I would want to take some time to thank all the team working hard on Cindicator project, they represent the essence of blockchain for me: creative, delivering, simple and ready to disrupt the business economy. I would never have been so involved in this project if the team was not so friendly and helpful.

You work like hell but you still find time to talk and learn from the community 24/7, and this is just incredible. Even in a bloody market, we can notice that work is still being done, Cindicator keep their promises, so thank you ALL for that.

Spread the pusheens all over the world.