What Does the Future of Content Marketing Look Like? Spoiler: Far Less Content
Janessa Lantz

Great post Janessa. Raises some very interesting questions.

Would you not say content simply needs to solve the challenges and talk ONLY to the clients and prospects you want more of? It needs to communicate with them in a format and content length that is appropriate to the subject matter and not worry about the volume of traffic it generates, only the quality of audience it attracts.

The gating of content should only be applied when there is a fair value exchange (as you will soon find out if there isn’t!). As we are a B2B agency we closely monitor content that resonates, and simply write more about those subjects. There is a period of learning as to what resonates and what doesn’t. We try and fast track this learning by using real client data to inform the content development process. This helps keep the relevance to our audience high. The volume of content naturally follows the demand for the subjects that are resonating.

How do you feel about this as an approach? Would value your feedback.



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